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Our Mission

The mission of the Glencoe Historical Society is to promote an understanding of Glencoe’s history
and heritage by identifying and preserving objects, archives and photographs.

Our Vision

The Glencoe Historical Society shall be a vibrant, multi-generational resource,
engaging the community in a variety of programs, exhibits, activities
and events at a state-of-the-art history and resource center.

Core Values

Always be Glencoe!
Maintain a positive and productive relationship with civic institutions.
Conduct all activities and relationships and husband all collections and assets with integrity, civility and intelligence.
Foster an appreciation of the importance of history.
Enrich public understanding of the past, present and implications for the future.
Provide responsible leadership within the fabric of the community.
Foster and embrace diversity of cultures, gender, age, background, race, religion and ability.
Strive for excellence and professionalism in all we do.